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Health Insurance with exclusions

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30 Dec, 2021 by  Tarun

I was trying to get a 50 lakh worth Health insurance policy for my 56 year old Father, who has some loss of hearing in one ear along with some other illnesses like Slip Disc etc , from Star Health through PolicyBazaar. After all considerations the company is ready to provide health insurance with the caveat that they are not going to cover “Any complications arising out of hearing loss” in the policy . My question is ,since the premium amount is not an issue for me , what kind of risk does this caveat open me to? I mean what can generally be complications of hearing loss ? Should I try some other company ?

Health Insurance

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Regional Director, Amicus Insurance Broking

Hearing loss can lead to other complications such as vertigo, dizziness, tinnitus or ringing in ears, ear pain etc. These could be excluded from the policy.

You could try another company, but usually if there is an existing condition, insurers may also exclude other related complications that can arise from such conditions.

The bottom line for insurance is that it is not meant to cover something which is bound to occur or very likely to occur.

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31 Dec, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Tarun

1. Spread the risk , take Rs 25 lakh from two health insurres .

2. Logically , underwriters should be more concerned with slip disk than hearing loss .

3. Logically , underwriters offer 2 to 4 year period and after that claims will be permissible .

Apply in three companies and take the best two, cancel the third within 15 days freelook period .

Apply with Star , Bupa and Ergo .

Best wishes

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