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Health policy ,is it sufficiant

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22 May, 2021 by  Surendra Khemka

I hav star insurance policy family health oprima plan

For ne my wife and my son

My age is 55

Premium is 21654 for 5lakh ,now it is in 3rd year

Is it good or shall i change. ,pls advise

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

24 May, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant


You can stay insured with Star Health Family Health Optima. There are no specific shortcomings in this plan. The other comparable or better plans from other Insurers are around 20 to 25% more expensive than FHO.

However, I do feel that your total coverage of 5 lacs is inadequate. You should complement your Star Health policy with a super top up & enhance your total cover to at least 20 - 25 lacs on a family floater basis. Speak to your insurance advisor about it or check them on Policybazaar.

One more point. If your son doesn't have any pre-existing medical conditions, you can leave him out of your super top up as he is unlikely to have any major hospitalization. He'll anyways have his own health insurance in a few years as he starts his family.

Best Wishes,

Asad Akbar

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25 May, 2021
Surendra Khemka
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