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Heath insurance for someone already diagnosed with Mental Illness "Schizophrenia"

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21 Jun, 2023 by  Ashish Kumar Singh

The last time I asked this question here and enquired with several companies, i found that there are very few options for a person who is already suffering from a mental illness.

Recently I came to know about some circular about this from IRDA. Has there been any developments which will allow a person who suffers from mental illness to get a health insurance?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

11 Jul, 2023

Hello Ashish,

Yes, in February 2023, IRDAI had asked insurers to introduce special insurance products for people with disabilities and mental illness.

There are 3 insurance companies who have launched these special insurance products -

  1. Reliance General has launched a 'Specially Abled Health Insurance Plan'. This plan provides coverage to people with disabilities.
  2. Oriental Insurance has launched a 'Saksham Swasthya Policy'. This policy covers those with disabilities, HIV /AIDs.
  3. National Insurance has launched a 'Divyangjan Sanjeevani Policy'. This is specifically designed to cover people with disabilities, those with HIV /AIDs, those with mental illness/diseases.

You can get in touch with one of Beshak's experienced financial experts, who'll help you understand these plans better and answer any specific questions or concerns you may have. Sharing the link below for your ready reference.

Thank you!

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