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Help me to find this type of customized health insurance if exist

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31 Dec, 2022 by  kakaguru

I Am an individual male age 32 looking for customized health insurance(2-5L)(I Don't have any pre-existing disease)(living in Gujarat).

I want an health insurance which covers following:

1)OPD expanse.

2)Pharmacy bill expanse.

3)Diagnosis/medical test ( like blood test or X - RAY etc..) of all types expanse.

4)Day care expanse.

5)Pre and Post Hospitalization expanse.

6)Ambulance expanse.

7)Covid-19 treatment expanse.

8)Full body checkup once in a year expanse or free. 

9)Cashless facility for Pre and Post Hospitalization.

10)Good Hospitality network on panel (specially in Gujarat and Bihar).

11)Deluxe or Semi Deluxe room expanse during Hospitalization.

 and all general wording of health insurance which every company covers with reasonable premium price.

I know that these terms are little bit complicated but if this type of heath insurance exist please let me know that. I don't say that health insurance must cover all expanse which is generated during bill but it must cover some amount of that bill which are mentioned above (if it is 5% or 10% or 15% of bill I don't care but it must cover some amount) . sorry for my english its not good as it should be.

Thank You in advance.

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

06 Jan, 2023
Udit Jain


As per my experience most of the features you mentioned are available with most of the Health Insurance products with minor variations. For first 3 features i.e. OPD expenses related, many companies are launching new products. For eg. Reliance Infinity Gain & Niva Bupa Reassure are few of them.

I would still recommend you to check how important OPD expense feature is for you as there is a drastic premium increase when you opt for this one. For eg, if you are going with a OPD expense limit of Rs.10000, you might end up paying Rs.6000-7000 more in premium. Although there is still benefit in it, but you end up paying the amount at once during purchase/renewal & have to make sure that you exhaust the limit.

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08 Jan, 2023
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