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Hi, I am looking for buying health insurance for self & wife but not able to decide on sum insured a

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14 Feb, 2021 by  Ankur Lakhia

Hi, I am looking for buying health insurance for self & wife but not able to decide on sum insured amount and, also, whether to go for only base option or Base + Super top-up. So, please guide me. My information - my age is 53, wife's age is 49. My wife is under medication for Diabetes & thyroid. I was having borderline high sugar couple of years back but I was never under any medication anytime.


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Health Insurance

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15 Feb, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Mr. Lakhia,

  1. You must look at a sum insured that is relevant for your old/retirement age - You are in your 50's so you should buy a policy that will be adequate cover when you are say 60/65. Find out the cover that is adequate today - then factor inflation of around 5-8% per annum to predict the cover relevant 10-15 years from now, for you and your wife. For instance, if you think that right now 5 Lakhs is an adequate cover today, you must apply inflation of say 5% compounded for the next 15 years. In this particular case, at 5% inflation, a Rs. 10 Lakhs cover can fight inflation in 15 years.
  2. A single plan is always better, more convenient than a [Combo-with-Super-Topup] however, the savings in premium can outweigh the benefits of a single plan significantly; hence you must not shy away from exploring combos too. We wrote an article you must refer to before you pick a Super Topup as a combo: 6 Important tips to buy the best Super Top-up Health Insurance (
  3. Your family medical history may be a concern, and you may experience a few companies declining your case. You need to take this back and forth with a pinch of salt - this is absolutely fine and is a part of the process to cover people with medical history. Be persistent, keep trying multiple companies - and you will find the right insurer.

Hope this helped.


Team Beshak |

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16 Feb, 2021
Ankur Lakhia
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