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Home insurance of ancestral house

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17 Oct, 2021 by  Kabir

I would like to insure my family’s ancestral house which is about 85 years old and of pukka construction. I contacted Policy Bazaar for quotations but they said that no insurance company will cover a house older than 60 years.

Is this true? Can anyone recommend any insurance company that insures such old properties?

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19 Oct, 2021
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Kabir,

Bharat Griha Raksha is a standard IRDA product that general insurers are offering. The product offers Coverage towards 14 events of loss. While there is no defination on age of house to be insured point must be noted that no insurer will not offer claim due to natural wear & tear. Depending current structural condition of the house a insurer will offer a cover. Instead of an online aggregator reach out to an agent.


Rohit Dhingra

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20 Oct, 2021
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