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How can beshak guarantee Lifetime personal support from advisor ?

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30 Jul, 2022 by  rahul ravi


If I buy any policy, how can beshak guarantee lifetime support and guarantee from the agent?

What if in future the agent is no longer associated with beshak or he is not responsive ?

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03 Aug, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Dear Rahul,

Good Question....I am one of the advisor currently on Beshak's network. This is my view and I would hope other members would also contribute to this question.

Here is how I see it

1) What if something happens to the advisor? Sure, Beshak will play a role and offer support as and when required.

2) What if Advisor is not responsive? That is precisely why a group with a Beshak Rep is created so that if need be Beshak Team can provide support.

3) What if the advisor is no longer associated with Beshak? The Advisor will provide support he/she would not want to let go a client or rather a relationship. Beshak on the other hand is built on Goodwill and Trust it won't let it go this easily that one advisor goes and client is rendered orphan.


Rohit Dhingra

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04 Aug, 2022
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Rahul,

Any human professional like a lawyer, CA will come with constraints. This person may not be available, maybe on a holiday, may stop practicing, etc.

That is why we have built a community around this entire experience.

We are confident that as a community, we will ensure customers are always helped, whenever a need arises. Plus, Beshak houses some industry experts too who can be of help.

Finally, the current service of the insurer is always available - the call center, the branch office, etc.

Look at the Beshak service as a human community value-add, that has far more value than dealing with a call center. Of course, every good thing comes with constraints :)

Hope this answers your question. Thanks.

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