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How can one avail the free health checkup ?

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05 Jan, 2023 by  vikrant khanna

Dear Experts,

How can one avail the free health checkup offered by the Heath Insurer?

Are there pros or cons in availing this facility?

Thank you/

Health Insurance

1 Answer

05 Jan, 2023
Udit Jain

Hi Vikrant,

Free health checkups can be availed by the empanelled partners of your health insurance company. Most of the companies have pre defined test list subjected to limits as per sum insured which you can avail by scheduling an appointment with any of the partner either by sending an email to customer care, calling at customer care or through mobile app.

So far, I haven't seen any impact on policy terms and conditions due to adverse results of the health checkup hence no cons as such.

Some companies do offer you discount on renewals if you share the some health checkup reports with them but done at your own cost.

I hope I have answered your query.

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