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how does beshak earns ......what is your model of working.......

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09 Apr, 2022 by  dev patil

i find your advise genuine . i just have curosity ...... how beshak earns to give client proper advise when you have declared you dont receive any kinds of kickbacks

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1 Answer

12 Apr, 2022
Founder, Beshak

Hello Dev,

We have decoupled advice from the advisor (and his commissions) to ensure our product recommendations remain100% unbiased.

Services you get:

  • Beshak research powers the product recommendations. These are based on objective research and nothing else. We have zero sales/lead-based relationship with any insurance company or platform.
  • Advisors in the community (selected by you) provide lifelong personal services required from purchase to claims.

We ensure the product recommendation is only from Beshak's research team, irrespective of whether you choose the advisor first or the product. Advisors do not have any role to play in product recommendations.


We earn a platform fee when you use the product recommendations to buy a product from the advisor. This is paid by the advisor. It's an open merit-based model, where the advisor is paid only when you choose them.

We are paid only when you make use of both the services: Research & Community Platform

Hope this explains.


Mahavir Chopra

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