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How does beshak ensure that advisor provides lifetime personal support?

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26 Nov, 2022 by  Sambaran Mitra

Health Insurance

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28 Nov, 2022
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Sambaran,

Here are a few ways that you are assured lifetime support by the Advisor.

  • Regulation: When you take insurance through the Beshak platform, you are buying insurance from an IRDAI-licensed advisor. This advisor is now an agent on your policy.
  • Through verification: We do a very detailed check on financial advisors to understand their commitment to this field as a career, and their past track record through verifications to ensure they are long-term players and not here for the short term.
  • Skin in the game: Since the advisor earns commissions (without impacting your premiums), the overall model also intuitively ensures the advisor has skin in the game and is interested in providing you services, retaining you, to nurture the relationship further.
  • By contract: We also sign a contract with each advisor where one of the obligations they have is to ensure they provide lifelong services to customers like you.
  • Community backup: Lastly, Beshak is being built as a community. We want to ensure that you have support through the community even beyond the advisor (let's say if the advisor is unavailable due to various certain reasons)
  • If all fails: Finally, this advisory service is a zero-cost lifetime handholding service, you are getting in addition to the relationship you will have with the insurer (as a policyholder) in case you buy from anywhere else - You will always be able to contact the policyholder toll-free numbers directly - just in case all of the above does not work.

Hope this explains.


Team Beshak

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03 May, 2023
tatyana abbes
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