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How does Beshak ensure the advisor is not biased.

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20 Mar, 2023 by  Questions On Social Media

Beshak connects customers to a verified advisor in their community. Now, advisors are usually connected with a few insurers whom they prefer - how does Beshak ensure that advisors don't push these plans and actually give unbiased advice regarding product recommendations.



1 Answer

20 Mar, 2023
Founder, Beshak


Beshak decouple the [advice] from the [advisor].

This ensures you as a customer are able to benefit from both suitably.

The advisor does not recommend the product you shortlist and buy.

Product recommendations are generated only using proprietary technology that matches your (the customer's) needs against our research of 100+ plans.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. You connect with an advisor. 
  2. You submit a form to generate a personalized report from Beshak. 
  3. This personalized report is generated using Beshak’s proprietary technology independent research across 150+ plans and kept free from bias as follows: 
  4. Beshak does not have any marketing or distribution alliances with insurers.
  5. There is no intervention from the advisor’s end - unless specifically mentioned in the report.  
  6. You discuss and shortlist plans from the report, with the advisor.

What is the Advisor's role

Advisor's role is critical. They help in understanding your requirement well, helping giving expert answer to your questions, and finally the most important role handholding you to buy the policy correctly. Buying the policy correctly ensures that your claims do not have any issues. And even if they do, the advisor is now equipped to help iron out any disputes by representing you with the insurance company through his knowledge, experience and network he has built over the years.

Advisor does make revenue from the insurance company, but they don't have a role to play with the product being recommended and hence it ensures zero concerns over advisor bias while you shortlist the product.



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