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How Does One Individual Premium Affect?

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24 Jun, 2021 by  Shubham Aggarwal

Hi sir / ma'am,

Hope you're taking care and everything is good in your family.

Currently, reading about life insurance policies and this point made me think about the premium "BMI index affect the premium".

Does it really affect the premium and what are other factors included while insurance companies consider premium amount for policyholders?

Thank you! :)

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Hello Shubham jee,

Premium for life insurance companies can be loaded from standard premium and it depends on a lot of factors:

1. BMI - higher or lower than standard

2. Pre existing diseases

3. lifestyle

4. High risk jobs.

These are some of the factors that impact premium in life insurance

Hope this helps.


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27 Jun, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Shubham

Premiums are calculated on the basis of mortality probability of a standard life . There are age wise mortality tables for standard life .

Each proposal is underwritten and decision is taken as below :

1. Accept proposal on standard rates

2. Reject the proposal

3. Postpone

4. Rate up the premium

Any life ,where risk of death is higher , is called sub standard life and premiums are rated up . Premium is rated up on the basis of :

1. BMI

2. Pre existing disease


4. Occupation .


Insurance Samadhan

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