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How much cancer and heart cover I should purchase ?

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03 Jan, 2021 by  ROHIT VATWANI

I am planning to buy health and cancer cover.. My age is 30 and my wife is 32 and we have plans to live in metro cities in future. Can you help me with sum assured i should purchase ? Shall i buy this insurance or not ? Need suggestion please

My income is 10 lakh+ and i have shortlisted icici purdential heart and cancer cover

Health Insurance

1 Answer

04 Jan, 2021
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Rohit,

  1. A Critical Illness can seriously impair your income earning capabilities. Critical Illness cover is hence an essential cover to financially protect yourself and your dependents.
  2. The ideal sum assured for Critical Illness should be similar to the sum assured you buy for Term Life Insurance. Here's the calculation you can refer to. The most effective way to calculate your Term Insurance Cover (
  3. Ensure you check the illnesses covered well, understand basic conditions - like waiting periods, survival period in the policy.
  4. Please also keep an eye on the premiums in the future age brackets (critical illness premiums rise significantly at higher ages) - check the full premium grid.
  5. If you find the costs very high consider the option of buying a critical illness rider when you next upgrade your team insurance.
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