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how to avail wellness program benefit of ICICI Lombard Health AdvantEdge plan?

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25 Apr, 2022 by  jignesh

I have a Bharti-Axa Health AdvantEdge policy for my father. I want to avail wellness program benefits, but I am not sure from where I will be able to get it? As per policy wording it is mentioned that I have to upload any HRA, diagnostic report etc. on their portal (but since Bharti Axa is now ICICI Lombard not sure which portal they are referring to). I did get in touch with customer care team of both comapnies, but I am not getting any assistance in this regard. Now to escalate this issue where I should escalate to?

1) Can I just assume that Bharti-Axa and Icici Lombard are same & hence I should get reply from Icici Lombard itself, (the query is because they have 2 separate websites, - I purchased this plan from here), as well their customer care contacts are also different

2) Can I go to the GRO, as they are just saying Bharti Axa is now ICICI Lombard, but for customer it is different?

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It's part of ICICI LOMBARD you should escalate in Lombard if you have any issues.

Use IL TAKE CARE APP for getting the Health rewards if it's not working take screenshot and send it to the ICICI LOMBARD customer support.

Hope I solved your query


Vikram Aralikatty, CFP

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27 Apr, 2022
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