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How to choose the advisor while taking the insurance

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22 Jan, 2022 by  Srikanth

Hello Beshak,

After going through the Beshak videos, I decided that I would go through the advisor for my insurance policies.

But still I have one dilemma about choosing the advisor.

  • I am staying in a suburban town where my family is non-English/Hindi speaking and we do not have any financial advisors here.

  • I am looking at the advisors from all metro cities and other states but I am wondering how effective/seamless the communication/relation would be?

  • Regarding choosing between independent/corporate advisors, I am wondering, whether it is a good idea to go for a corporate advisory firm, where it is not dependent on a single individual. Even if something happens to my advisor, I can reach out to the organization.
  • I am in no way belittling the independent advisors but trying to understand the pros and cons

Please share thoughts and insights

Thank you

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1 Answer

27 Jan, 2022

Hello Srikanth,

This is an excellent question. Thanks for asking. 

Here are my answers: 

  1. The pandemic has made remote communication a necessity and reality - location is no more important. Financial Advisors (the credible ones) nowadays do very few face-to-face meetings for transactions and claims/redemptions. Finding a credible advisor is way more important than someone who is in your location but has integrity issues.  
  2. Corporate advisors Vs Individual advisors: Agree with you that the advantage of a corporate advisor is continuity - at any point in time you would have someone answering you. But remember, you will already have a relationship with the insurer as an institution and be able to contact them from anywhere in the world. 
  3. A personal advisor is important so that when things go wrong, you have someone accountable on your side - no one, including employees, can bring in the accountability of an individual professional who has ownership interest - whose reputation will decide where he will earn his next month's earning.  
  4. We understand this concern and are working on a process by which we will create a backup for individual advisors in the future. However, we cannot promise when this will go live. 
  5. Regarding the language issue, we totally understand and can try to find someone who can speak your preferred language.

Hope this helps.


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27 Jan, 2022
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