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How to life insurance companies find your medical records outside of your MIB?

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30 Apr, 2022 by  Neema Patel

Hello, I am a 34 female and currently applying for life insurance. After the initial application they sent me a signature page for me to authorize any health care professional, clinic, hospital or pharmacy to disclose any information about my records. This makes me a little uncomfortable since I have seen many physicians in the past few years for a number of self limiting problems. I am kind of a hypochondriac and pretty much run to an urgent care or ED for any little thing such when I have a really bad cold, a UTI when I think I need an antibiotic or one time when I had an infected ingrown toe nail where I went to an urgent care and they referred me to a podiatrist. Most notably, I hospitalized out of state for 2 days for Covid19 infection in 2021 even though I was vaccinated but recovered and was discharged. I recently started taking a cholesterol medication and just started seeing a pcp for the firs time in my adult life. My cholesterol numbers are great now.

I am wondering if I need to disclose all of these random one offs. Could someone please tell me exactly how a life insurance company would be able to gather all of these records from various urgent care and ERs and doctors offices without me telling them? Other than the MIB, can a life insurance company somehow find out about my urgent care visit when I had a UTI in 2019 or my Covid19 admission from 2021 from a random hospital that was out of state? If so, how do they do this? Do they ask for my health insurance records and see what my insurance paid for and find out that way? I am just afraid that if I sign this form they are going to dig up a lot of things that are not really relevant to my health anymore and make my rate go much higher or get denied for coverage all together.

I am healthy aside from taking a cholesterol medication daily, but if you gather all my random one off urgent care and ED visits and my covid hospitalization it may make me look like I am a complete mess in the eyes of a life insurance company. I just want to make sure I know what I am getting myself into because I don't know exactly what signing this form entails.

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01 May, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Hi Neema,

Insurers have team of investigators who specialise in finding client faults.Its a specialised job they might not be able to find everything but at times they do. So it is a matter of taking your chance.

Incase you are aware of any health issue that has been consistently troubling you that ought to be declared. Your COVID hospitalisation have to be declared and so does cholesterol medication.

Do provide required information to your insurers it negates any future conflicts at time of claim.

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Rohit Dhingra

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