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How to supplement a corporate plan with a room rent cap?

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10 Apr, 2023 by  SB

I have a 3-lakh corporate plan (provided by my employer) that covers me and my family (wife and 2-year-old son). Since it is insufficient to meet current medical costs, I wanted to supplement it. One way is to go for a top-up policy of 10-20 lakhs with a deductible of 3 lakhs. However, my base policy (corporate GIS) has a room rent cap of Rs 7500, so I would have to abide by it in case of hospitalization. The top-up will only kick in after 3 lakhs are exhausted. The other option is to go for another family floater policy of Rs 10 lakhs without a room rent cap. It has a higher premium, but I can use it as my main policy since there is no room rent cap. In that case, my corporate policy will almost be redundant. I am a bit confused. Please advise.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

16 Apr, 2023
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear SB

My comments

1. Buy a super Top up with 3 lakh deductible.

2. Rs 7500 is a reasonable room rent and single AC room is available within 7500 .

3. Please note that all expenses of hospital are linked to room rent , do not fall for trap of Deluxe room with higher rent . I always recommend twin sharing room where expenses are shared .

We are not going for vacation , we are in hospital for treatment and should always look for early discharge .

Best wishes


Insurance Samadhan

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