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I am looking for a health insurance for my parents aged (60 & 45), Can you please suggest a basic checklist before getting them insured?

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28 Sep, 2023 by  Sarathy

I am 25 years old, looking for health insurance for my parents aged (60 M & 45 F), Can you please suggest a basic checklist before getting them insured?

Is there any terms which should be paid attention to?


1 Answer

29 Sep, 2023

Hello Sarathy,

Certainly, here's a quick checklist for getting health insurance for your parents:

  • Adequate coverage: Opt for sufficient sum insured to ensure protection against rising healthcare costs.
  • No room-rent limits: Room-rent limits can lead to deductions if your room choice exceeds the defined limit, potentially affecting other hospitalization costs linked to the room. Opt for a plan without room-rent restrictions to avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Covers all day-care procedures: Day care procedures includes medical procedures completed within 24 hours, reducing the need for prolonged hospital stays. Ensure the policy covers all day-care treatments, not just a specific number.
  • Covers organ donor costs: Look for plans that include the hospitalization expenses of the organ donor. This is crucial in cases of organ transplant surgeries.
  • Covers non-medical expenses: Health insurance plans typically don't cover consumables/non-medical expenses like gloves, masks, etc. Opt for a policy with a consumables cover to include these expenses, as these costs can account for a significant portion of hospital bills, making it a valuable addition.
  • No caps on treatment costs: Some policies have sub-limits on coverage for specific diseases or treatments. Check for any disease or treatment-specific coverage limits in the policy - and buy a policy without such limits.
  • No co-pay: Co-payment clause requires you to pay a portion of the hospital bill. Avoid policies with co-pay or select one with the lowest co-pay if necessary.

For a detailed checklist, please check out our article:

I hope this helps. Thank you!

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