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I want to portability

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03 Nov, 2022 by  kalkit patel

I am a customer of (XXX COMPANY)this policy for last five years but I have never passed any claim.If I am taking hypertension medicine for last six months, can I get waiting period for any illness related to hypertension if I go to another company while porting?

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04 Nov, 2022
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It will depend on the underwriting guidelines of the new insurer to which you are porting. In most cases, you'll be accepted without any waiting period but if the new insurer sees any imminent hospitalization, they may add a waiting period.

In your case, if it's only hypertension and you are taking regular medication for the same, I don't think the new insurer would apply waiting period. Although, loading may be applicable depending on your BP readings and the medication if it's adverse.

Also note that as per IRDA guidelines, for individual/retail policies, migration from one insurer to another insurer, there should be no underwriting upto the extent of the existing SI but this is generally not followed by many insurers. Personally, I think these guidelines are not well thought through because a nrw insurer cannot accept a cancer patient without any underwriting.

Please apply for portability in advance so you have time to decide if the new insurers apply any conditions.

Thank you,

Avinash Sonee

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