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Important health insurance queries

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17 Apr, 2021 by  Arora H


I have a few urgent queries. My parents are insured from National insurance company ltd via different policies(national mediclaim policy), thanks to the agent. My father's policy has been running since the past 18-20 years and he has taken 4-5 claims due to stomach infection in the past 7-8 years. His sum insured is just 1 lacs. Since he has taken claims so as per the company the sum insured cannot be increased now. His age is 62.

My mother's policy was started about 4-5 years back. No claims so far. The sum insured is 2.5 lacs. Her age is 54.

Last year I tried migrating both policies to any other good company which has no room sublimites, no co-payments, less waiting period, no disease wise limits, pre and post hospitalization clause, restoration clause, day care limits basically all or most of them. But I was told by the companies to approach them atleast 3 months before the policy date and that too with the previous 3 insurance copies. The policies are due in August and September. I have the last year and this year's policy copy.

Few questions-

1. Is it possible to port both policies to some new company now? Since I have this year and last year's policy copy so will there be any issues?

2. If not, then can I atleast port them separately? There is no top up or anything like that in National insurance so keeping my father's policy in the same company is a big burden.

3. Can you please recommend some good companies which have features like no room sublimit, no co payment etc. ?

4. If my mother's policy is ported then will she have to go through the waiting period again?

Any other heads up?


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2 Answer

19 Apr, 2021

Dear Mr Arora

My suggestions on your questions

  1. Continue your father policy and do not migrate . Your father is 62 with claim history , it should not happen that claim is rejected and old policy is also ost .
  2. Port your mother policy to any stand alone health insurance company like Star . Bupa .Your mother will have continuity benefit with no waiting period .
  3. Buy a floater super top up of Rs 20 lakh with deduction of Rs 2 lakh.
  4. All this will cost you approx Rs 30000 .


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20 Apr, 2021
Arora H
Thank you for replying Shailesh Ji. 1. So, if we decide to port will the new company first port without any issues and then deny the claim? The national insurance policy sucks, the agent has ruined us. 2. The SI in my mother's policy is 2.5 lacs. Let's say we port it to a new company the likes of which you have mentioned, and take a policy with 10 lacs as SI. Then is there any waiting period for the 7.5lacs amount? 3. Can you please share some more light on this policy which you are suggesting? What does floater mean here? 4. Floater policy will cost 30000? Thanks
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20 Apr, 2021

Mr Arora

Thanks for revert , my answers

1. Your doubt is quite possible for senior citizens because insurer will always find some pre existing clause . Your premium for Rs 1 lakh will be less hence continue . At least that is guaranteed.

2. Super top up are economical solutions and comes with deductibles which means you are agreeing to bear cost upto Rs 2 lakh . Any expense over and above Rs 2 lakh will be borne by insurance .

3. Port your mother policy , you can port sum assured of Rs 2 lakh because that 2 lakh liability will be covered under this plan . So you will have three plan

  • Father Rs 1 lakh with National
  • Mother rs 2 lakh with new insurer.
  • Floater super top up of rs 10 lakh with deductible of Rs 2 lakh. This will cover your parent . This may come with waiting period for your father but not for your mother .
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03 May, 2021
Arora H
Thank you Shailesh Ji. Can you please explain point 2? I got confused in the same. In point 3, both my parents will have policies with different insurers so how will the floater thing work here for them?
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