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Incorrect Weight in Health Insurance Proposal Form

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19 Feb, 2023 by  venu madhav


My parents 50M and 47F recently(Feb 1st) bought a Star Assure Health Insurance Plan

via an agent at my home town.

When I was going through the soft copies of policy and proposal form,

I noticed that the agent has entered my mothers weight incorrectly as 65kg instead of 71kg.

Policy look up period is over.

I want to correct it but the agent says , " its not an issue and not to bother about correction".

I am confused ? Should I correct it ? If yes How can i do it ?

Thank You

Health Insurance

1 Answer

27 Feb, 2023
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Hi Mr.Venu Madhav,

It is extremely important that before making the payment for health insurance plans, one must check the proposal form to verify the accuracy of such details. Insurance companies have given away the manual/physical application process & are have gone digital by accepting online proposal forms. In most cases, the insurance agents fill the relevant details on behalf of the proposer and try to enter the values (such as height & weight) to match the acceptable ranges of the insurance companies. This is usually done to avoid premium loadings based on the additional risk associated with factors such as high BMI (Body Mass Index). As a policyholder, you have every right to ask for a soft copy of the proposal form even before making the payment.

In this case, since the policy has already been issued, you can still get in touch with the insurer & share the information related to the discrepancy and get the details updated. It is prudent to get this done at an early stage rather than worrying about future consequences. Since the difference between the actual weight & the declared weight is small, I'm the insurer would not necessarily alter any terms & conditions even after declaring the same now.

Best Wishes,

Satish Kumar H

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02 Mar, 2023
venu madhav
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