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increase SI or port Iffco tokio family health

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04 Mar, 2022 by  Darshan

Hello experts,

I have a family floater health insurance plan where my father (50) is the primary. It includes my mother (46), sister (21) and myself(27). The insurance policy is Iffco tokio family health protector.

My father was recently diagnosed with diabetes. The policy has been continuing for >7 years now. The SI is 4L and the bonus is 1.45L right now.

I have a few questions:

  1. What will be a good SI coverage given the diagnosis of my father?
  2. If I want to increase my SI, do I have to inform the insurer of diabetes diagnosis even if the policy was already running? Does this information increase the SI?
  3. Are there any medical coverages that are needed in old age and the policy doesn't cover? The policy mentions what it covers but I don't know what coverage is missing that I should be aware of.
  4. Does it make sense for me or my sister to take our own health insurance plans? The reduction of premium for both of us will be in the range of 7000.
  5. If you recommend any other policy over this one, how do I port? And will there be a waiting period if I port given continuous coverage of the current policy?

Thank you the help! You have my gratitude.

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

09 Mar, 2022
connect with advisor

Since how long have you been continuing the policy ?

It's always good to mail the insurer with the new developed health conditions so that both the parties are in agreement.

Also, I would suggest you to upgrade your Sum Assured or buy a super top up to cover you in case of medical emergencies

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10 Mar, 2022
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10 Mar, 2022
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