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Insurance for My Parents 65 and 60 years with BP and Diabetics

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02 Apr, 2021 by  Kiran Wali

Hi Team,

I am looking for insurance for my Parents with age 65 and 60 years with BP and Diabetics.

  1. what would be best, individual or Floater ?
  2. looking for insurance with no copay and no room restriction.
  3. 10 lakh base cover and super top up of 50 lakh combined would be sufficient ?
  4. which one would provide less waiting period ?
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Health Insurance

1 Answer

02 Apr, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Mr Wali

As your parents have history of Diabetes and BP hence my recommendation is given below :

1 . Go for a floater policy for parents , there are many plans especially designed for senior citizens .

2. Now a days all plans have no room restriction but you should choose standard room because all hospital expenses are linked to room rent . Opt for 20 % copay because this will reduce your premium. By opting copay , you have enhanced chance of acceptance of your Proposal .

3. Yes , your choice is right 10 lakh plus super top up of 50 lakh.

4. If you go for 20 % copay then you will have 2 years to 4 years waiting period . Almost all companies have similar waiting period .

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