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Insurance Policy for Thalassemia major person, Even if It will be permament Excluded

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26 May, 2023 by  Afif Hashmi

I have thalassemia major by birth, and I applied for a health insurance for myself, it got declined cause of the disorder, 

But I read in a article in IRDAI that no insurer can decline policy of someone who has any disorder by birth, it also had a case reference of Delhi high court in it, 

So my question is that I will never get the health insurance policy ever ? Even tho they exclude disorder permanently from it ... 

Please let me know know if there is any insurance policy or any way for me to get any insurance policy, which will cover rest future conditions if ever come

Health Insurance

1 Answer

08 Jun, 2023

Hello Afif,

As per my knowledge, thalassemia major is a medical condition blacklisted by most health insurance companies in the market. It would be very difficult for you to get one of the top plans available. You can only try to go for sub-standard plans like Care Insurance's Care Freedom plan.

Also, can you please share that circular/article by irdai over here? I would like to check that out. I don't remember any such circular published by irdai.


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08 Jun, 2023
Afif Hashmi
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