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Is a conginental health issue that's been treated constitute a Pre-Existing Disease?

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12 Dec, 2020 by tamon97958

I was born with a conginental heart disease. Within the first few years itself I had an open heart surgery to fix this. Its been more than 20-25 years since then and I am living healthily without any complications or vices. As a consequence of the surgery, ecg will always remain abnormal. I have financial liabilities for which I wish to cover my family to avoid complications.

Does this count as PED since the latest IRDAI norms define PEDs as past 2-3 years only, but the insurance forms ask if a surgery has been done in the past without a time horizon. So is this disclosure required?

Is it even possible to get a term and health insurance with this?

Have had postponement on life insurance and rejection of policy for health when I disclose this and an ECG is taken. Have consulted a few brokers as well as underwriting professionals but haven't received any positive response on this. Let me know if something is doable. Thanks

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20 Dec, 2020
Bwealthy Financials

Dear sir,

I understand your plight. Insurance companies try to reduce their liability and also reduce risk hence congenital diseases even if treated comes under PED. You need to declare it otherwise when claim comes they will not pay and you would have spend money unnecessarily.

For term plan there is no solution, however I will check for you

For health insurance there is an option to go for cardiac plan of star health for people with preexisting cardiac diseases. This way you can get coverage. I will be happy to assist you in case you need help. I run a company Bwealthy Financial Solutions Private Limited which deals with all major life and health insurance companies. Feel free to mail me on This is a company started by doctors to assist people on their financial health.

With regards,

Dr Geomcy George


Bwealthy Financial Solutions Private Limited

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22 Dec, 2020
Thanks for your inputs. I found that Care(Ex Religare) also offer the product you are referring to with a higher cover. I managed to source health insurance through a group cover that already covers PED. In case you have a solution for term, do let me know. I found a way around this which I typically wouldn't go for. I have contemplated a loan insurance option since my current liability is quite high.
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