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Is it advisable to add a critical illness rider in Term Plan?

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22 Apr, 2022 by  Aditya B

Hi Experts,

Please advise on the riders which one should mandatorily have in a term plan?

Is it advisable to add critical illness rider in Term Plan? Are there any other riders one should have in a term plan if one is a healthy individual or should rather have a comprehensive mediclaim policy than adding multiple riders in term plan?

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22 Apr, 2022
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Aditya,

A critical illness rider solves for the loss of earning, and various losses/expenses that are not covered by a regular mediclaim policy. For instance, one may have to curtail his work hours, take a break or quit altogether due to a serious illness.

It is not a substitute for a low health insurance cover. You must have adequate health insurance and a CI cover.

We have covered Critical Illness deeply in our free eBook on Critical Illness - which we strongly recommend you go through. This will give you a holistic perspective to make a decision.

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Team Beshak

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Hi Aditya,

While buying term plan adding riders is optional.

I Would suggest the following riders :

  1. Accidental Death Benefit
  2. Waiver of premium on Critical illness diagnosis
  3. Income benefit on Accidental disability
  4. Critical Illnees ( This can be purchased with any general or health Insurance company )

I would be happy to serve you with life insurance if intrested schedual a free call with me .

Thanks & Regards

Vikram Aralikatty ,CFP

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