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Is it mandatory to disclose parent’s health condition before taking any individual policy

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26 Feb, 2023 by  Saha

Hi, I have purchased Niva Bupa Reassure policy. I don’t have any PED. My father has issue of BP / Hypertension & Mother has issue of Thyroid. But I am totally fit and fine, i am 25yrs old & have no signs of hypertension or Thyroid. Should I disclose it to Niva that my parents have some existing issues. If yes, then what’s the procedure ?

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28 Feb, 2023
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Hello Saha,

Niva Bupa's ReAssure application has a question pertaining to parents' medical history and it asks if any of the parents have any hereditary or genetic condition even if any of them was in carrier state i.e. did not have the disease but was a carrier of a hereditary or genetic condition. One must declare if the policy holder or the parents have diseases such as Color Blindness, Hemophilia, Birth defects, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Muscular dystrophy etc.

However, this question asked in the proposal form of ReAssure plan is not applicable if Parents have conditions such as Hyperetension or Thyroid Disorders.

Since you are competely healthy & do not have any current / past medical history, there is no need even now to inform about the parents medical history of Hypertension / Thyriod as per the requirements of ReAssure plan.

Hope this helps you...

Satish Kumar H

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06 Mar, 2023
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