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Is it possible to have only a super top up policy,

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24 May, 2021 by  Rajeev Kumar

i.e. without having any other health insurance.


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24 May, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant

Yes, it's possible to run a super top up policy without a base health insurance cover. In that case, you'll have to pay the deductible portion of your super top up out of your own pocket in the event of hospitalization. Consider the following examples to understand.

1) You take a super top up policy of Sum Insured 10 lacs with deductible of 3 lacs. If you are hospitalized during the policy year and the hospital bill is less than 3 lacs, your super top up policy will not be activated & you'll pay the entire hospital expense out of your pocket (since you don't have a base health insurance cover in place)

2) Whereas, if the hospital expense is more than 3 lacs in one of more than one hospital admissions in a given policy year, your super top up will pay only the amount in excess of 3 lacs. The first 3 lacs shall be borne by you since you don't have any base health insurance cover in place.

Hope I have been able to communicate it. Please feel free to revert if you have any questions.

Take Care,

Asad Akbar

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24 May, 2021

Why Not.

Sure, one can have only Super top up policy.

Ensure following,before choosing only Super top up policy-(under following criteria satisfaction)

1- Have the base deductible as well thought off.Basically have that much amount as anytime ready-24*7.For ex. If you choose base deductible as Rs.5 lac, ensure you have 5 lac anytime available.

2- Another case is it may also be considered for short term,if surplus is big challenge and there are very high priority needs which require the you have.

3- PLUS, you have a back-up support from company policy (of course co.policy does not stay for lifelong)

4- You and the family needs to be ready to handle the situation

5- The company you choose has superb claim ratio with utmost trust, or else you may be up for shock.

6- At times, senior citizens and even others, with pre-existing diseases, do not get base policy.Under such condition, one pay be ready as per point 1 and take this super topup policy.There could be a chance that atleast this is available.


Please understand, after all of this, you are still open to risks of NO CLAIM, and or emotional trauma, which make sure you and each member of family is fully aware off.PLUS, this is not the ideal choice.

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