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is it possible to raise two cashless intimation simultaneously

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06 May, 2023 by  Karan Soni

I raised a cashless intimation from one of the hospitals for an insurance policy thinking most of it will be covered, however i got reply from medi assist stating that insurance will pay 53K/82K with no reasons mentioned. I guess this happened due to room cap limit though my policy mentioned no cap till single private room.

I wanted to ask can i raise another cashless intimation for the same person/hospital since i have another policy as well to compare cover b/w two different policies that i hold?

Health Insurance

1 Answer

12 May, 2023
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Karan

1. You can apply by making it clear that you have approval of claim of 53000 .

2. Health insurance is an indemnity product and you can not try to take profit by taking claim of one treatment from two insurance providers.

3. Ideally , deduction rules are same with all insurers and company may differ in evaluation but difference will be marginal .

Hope this clarifies


Insurance Samadhan

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