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is jeevan shanti advisable to a person who is age 45, what are benefits , other alternative, in what scenario one should take jeevan shanti

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19 Oct, 2020 by  mahesh kaware

is jeevan shanti advisable to a person who is age 45, what are benefits , other alternative, in what scenario one should take jeevan shanti 

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1 Answer

21 Oct, 2020
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Mahesh,

Jeevan Shanti is a single premium annuity plan from LIC. HDFC Life we remember also has a similar plan, called Pension Guaranteed Plan. I am sure other insurers would also have competing plans.

However, here's the thing. Its never a good idea to look at products available in the market and try to fit them to your needs. We would hence request you to first let us know what is the person's current financial status like? Apart from this what are his/her financial goals/needs for the immediate, mid and long term? Once you provide details - we will try and have an expert help answer your query.

Alternatively, we will recommend you contact a Fee based financial planner, who can understand your needs well and then chart out a detailed financial plan.

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