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Is smoking listed as a Pre-existing Illness in Health Insurance

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30 Mar, 2023 by  Arjun Malhotra

After declaring over email that I smoke and drink, to the ICICI Lombard person, my "Policy Form" came with a "NO" for smoking and drinking. Post days of fighting, I have now received a mail from ICICI Lombard saying they've processes a change request.

The change is that they've added smoking as a "Pre-existing Illness / Injury".

The ICICI Lombard person says this is the only way smoking can be declared with ICICI Lombard i.e. original Policy form will say NO to smoking and drinking and then you request a change in PED as he has done.

Was wondering if this is actually how its done or will I have a problem making a claim for a smoking related illness in the future?

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31 Mar, 2023
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Arjun

Proposal form for health insurance have questions on smoking and drinking and it is used in premium calculation and premium calculation .

If icici has accepted it as declaration without any revision of premium then it is a good sign .

You will have no problem in claims later .

Best wishes


Insurance Samadhan

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31 Mar, 2023
Arjun Malhotra

Thanks so much Mr. Kumar

I kindly request a further clarification.

My Policy form says "NO" as answer to the question about smoking and drinking. This is not true as I smoke and drink.

After much fighting, they have taken a service request and in my policy schedule document under pre-existing illness / injury have put "Others - smoking and drinking"

Does this new document mean that I am now covered for illnesses arising from smoking and drinking? If yes does this mean I will be covered after one month from policy issue date?

Thanks again for all your help

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