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Jeevan Saral Policy from LIC

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14 Oct, 2021 by  Sayed Q Hussain

Bought a Jeevan Saral policy for 15 years in November 2011 showing sum assured of 5 lakhs. Was told by insurance that upon maturity will get 5 lacs plus bonus etc so the total disbursement will be more than 8 lacs. Now it seems it was a false claim as 5 lacs is only a death claim amount and the maturity amount is showing even less than total premium paid. And this amount may reduce as my age was 43 when I signed up and now it's 53 and on maturity it will be 58.

Is it best to wait till it matures or should I just trying to get back whatever premium I paid by surrendering?


1 Answer

15 Oct, 2021
CEO, Insurance Samadhan


Jeevan Saral has been a mis sold product and social media has many complaints on Jeevan Saral .

Jeevan Saral can be liquidated after 10 years without any surrender charge hence you sre advised to liquidate and get out of jeevan saral .

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