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Laproscopic surgery for endometriosis

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08 May, 2023 by  Lalitha Devda

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in January 2023. I have my insurance policy from July 2020 and it has been renewed evry year. Earlier I did not have any diseases. In March 2023 I got laproscopic surgery done for endometriosis. My insurance claim is in process for reimbursement. But they are asking for first consultation papers.can I show them January 2023 diagnosis papers? Or should I declare that it was diagnosed in March itself? Since insurance people are saying that when the disease is diagnosed that time itself I was supposed to inform them. Since I did not inform in January , if I declare now , then they will cancel my policy for non disclosure. But this is during the policy period. What should I do since my claim is pending for first consultation papers. Please guide me

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16 May, 2023
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Without any fear, you can submit the first consultation papers (i.e. of January 2023). I hope the symptoms also started only after taking the policy.

There is no rule or guideline to inform the insurance company on diagnosis of any new disease unless you are making changes to your existing policy (like enhancing the SI, adding any riders, changing plans or porting).

Thank you

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