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LIC Arogya Rakshak and pre existing disease.

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25 Feb, 2023 by  Mr Himadri De


My question is does LIC Aroya Rakshak has the concept of Pre Existing disease? I bought one and did not find anything about pre existing disease clause.

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27 Feb, 2023
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Yes, it does and pre-existing conditions are part of exclusions and mentioned below.

11. Exclusions: 

No benefits are available hereunder and no payment will be made by the Corporation for any claim under this policy on account of hospitalization or surgery directly or indirectly caused by, based on, arising out of or howsoever attributable to any of the following: 

1. Any Pre-existing Condition (As defined in Part B above) unless disclosed to and accepted by the Corporation prior to the Effective Date of Cover or the Date of Revival (if the Policy/cover in respect of Insured member(s) is revived after discontinuance of the Cover).

So, basically PEDs are not covered unless they are accepted by the company.

Thank you

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19 Mar, 2023
Mr Himadri De
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