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Looking for a policy for me and my sister

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06 Jan, 2022 by  Rushabh

Hi Folks, looking for some help on the health insurance policies for me (37 years) and my sister (35 years). We have the Bajaj Healthguard policy which covers us individually for INR 28 Lakhs individually for a combined yearly premium of INR 38,882. However after speaking to a few friends they advised that we could improve the current cover and also reduce the premium amounts which we are paying on a yearly basis. Here's something we are considering:

1) Buy a policy which can cover us for atleast 50 lakhs individually. (HDFC, Max, ICICI Lombard)

2) The maternity expenses covered for my sister are INR 35,000, will this be sufficient?

3) From what I understand there is no scope of getting any OPD charges covered in this policy, or getting dental reimbursements. Any policies which cover these?

Could we explore looking at a base + super top-up from a reputed insurer which had additional benefits? Also need to ensure that IF WE port to a new policy we don't have any waiting periods and carries forward the NCB. Would really appreciate your inputs.

Health Insurance

1 Answer

09 Jan, 2022

Hey Rushabh,

As I told you in my previous answer to your question, I recommend you to get in touch with one of the advisors from our community. We will evaluate all your personal details and existing policies, come to a conclusion and let you know the way forward. Sharing the link over here as well for your ready reference -


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