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Maternity plan from 1st day

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14 Dec, 2022 by  Noushad Ahmad

Please tell me about the insurance which covers maternity from 1st day

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Health Insurance

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15 Dec, 2022
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Hello Mr.Noushad Ahmad,

Coverage of Maternity from Day-1 is a feature often provided by insurance companies under a Group/Corporate Health Insurance Plan (i.e Employer-Employee Policies)

Few Retail / Personal Health Insurance Plans provide Maternity Cover, however, there shall be a waiting period applicable for getting this benefit activated in the policy.

Here is a list of few such plans & their waiting period details for your reference:

  1. Niva Bupa Health Insurance - Health Premia (24 Months)
  2. Niva Bupa Health Insurance - Heart Beat (24 Months)
  3. Star Health Insurance - Women Care (12 Months for 15 Lacs & above Sum Insured and 24 Months for 5 & 10 Lacs Coverage)
  4. Star Health Insurance - Comprehensive (24 Months)
  5. Care Health Insurance - Joy Today (9 Months) - Premium for 3 Yrs to be paid upfront
  6. Care Health Insurance - Joy Tomorrow (24 Months)
  7. Care Health Insurance - CARE plan (24 Months)
  8. ICICI Lombard - Health AdvantEdge (9 Months) - Premium for 3 Yrs to be paid upfront

Hope this answers your query...

Satsih Kumar H

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15 Dec, 2022
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Hi Noushad,

There are plans available in the market which cover maternity from day 1... however there is a standard waiting period of 9 months for taking a claim for maternity cases...which means a person cannot buy insurance for a pre planned maternity case.

This works in the same way as the standard initial 30 days waiting period under all health insurance cannot submit a claim in health insurance policies in the first 30 days(exception is accident related claims)

Also , maternity benefits are subject to sub limits in most policies. On balance, buying health insurance purely for maternity in mind is not the most clever idea, you should buy health insurance keeping in mind your long term medical risk management.

For more specific and customised solution, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 session with beshak advisor team.

Hope this explanation helps!


Rana Sahib


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