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Max Bupa Or Optima Restore

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23 May, 2021 by  Nitin Gayake


I am 44 year old and planning to buy family floater (housewife 40 Year Old, with two daughters 13 and 8, living in Pune), with no preexisting diseases. I zeroed down to Max Bupa reassure and HDFC Ergo Optima Restore. I was looking for higher coverage but the the advise, I am getting is to go for 10 SI and then top up e.g. 40L to cover the cost sufficiently, considering the inflation and higher costing in hospitalization. Would you able to recommend which one and any other factor I should consider?

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Health Insurance

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24 May, 2021

Hello Mr. Nitin,

Glad to know that you have zeroed in on two good health insurance plans. Both the plans are pretty good.

One reason I would recommend Reassure is that it has unlimited refill or restoration benefit on top of it there is one more optional benefit called safeguard which even pays for non payables.

It makes sense to have a base family floater cover of Rs. 10 lakhs and take a super top up cover of Rs.40-50 lakhs if not more.

Couple of factors to be considered when buying a super top up is buy it on a date as close as possible to the date your base policy starts and preferably go for top up from same insurer as the one with whom you have your base policy.

Hope your concerns have been addressed. You have put in efforts to plan, it's high time you execute it at the earliest.

Stay Safe

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26 May, 2021
Nitin Gayake
Thanks Sathish, your response made my conviction more stronger. And yes, I plan to buy both Base and Super Top at the same time so yes, I understand the importance of having them together. Thanks once again.
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16 Jun, 2021
Bajrang Lal Bhura
Hi, I have a query w.r.t. restore benefit. Let's say that someone having cancer is admitted and exhausted complete insurance amount including no claim bonus. After that he got discharged and a couple of days later, again he is admitted in hospital. Will the insurance company completely restore the base amount and again give him claim ? Assuming he is admitted for the same disease in the same hospital and just within 1 or 2 days of being discharged.
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03 Jun, 2021
Deepak Joshi

Protector / Safeguard rider is available with Optima too (recently purchased it)

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