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Max Bupa Reassure & Health companion

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14 Feb, 2021 by Ankur Lakhia

While looking for various policy options available, I came across two health insurance products from Max Bupa, Reassure & Health companion. Both products look good to me. So, my query is - on what basis I should select one product over another. In other words, which of the two products is better in which aspects? Please guide.

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Health Insurance

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15 Feb, 2021
Team Beshak

Hello Mr. Lakhia,

At the core benefits level, both the plans are equally good. Both are comprehensive, do not have any serious financial limits that curtails the cover.

Reassure is expensive because it has some additional benefits that are "good to have" like the following:

  1. Restoration feature (that restores the coverage amount if it exhausts during the year due to a large claim) works irrespective of whether the previous claim that exhausted the coverage was for a related illness or not. This benefit in effect provides you double coverage for the same price, provided you do not have any claim more than your base sum insured.
  2. No Claim Bonus: 50% every year - upto 100%, compared to 20% in Health Companion, upto 100%.
  3. Safeguard Add-on Benefit: That covers consumables expenses, that are otherwise excluded in health insurance. Besides this, it provides an additional bonus cover every year based on the inflation calculated in the previous year.
  4. Pre & Post Hospitalization covered upto 60/180 days in Reassure, compared to 30/60 days in Health Companion.
  5. Coverage for Air Ambulance in ReAssure - this is not covered under Health Companion.

Hope this helps


Team Beshak

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16 Feb, 2021
Ankur Lakhia
Thank you, Team Beshak for the response.
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