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Moratorium period in health insurance

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23 Apr, 2022 by  ritesh singh

I have family floater mediclaim policy from oriental insurance for 12 yrs. If I port to star health , will moratorium period benefits also

port or new moratorium period will be applicable after 8 yrs.


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24 Apr, 2022
harivansh agrawal

I do not think there is any clarity from IRDAI on the effect of porting on moratorium period even though the insurer will say there will be no effect on moratorium period like you said you have spent 12 yrs on the oriental, Star will say since you have already spent 8 yrs there will be no moratorium period and now all the pre-existing conditions will be covered whether it is disclosed or not but there is No clarity form the IRDAI this all will be said by star

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25 Apr, 2022
We breathe insurance :)

Hello Ritesh,

You can check out the answers from senior experts to the following question. Moratorium Period in case of Portability | Beshak Forum

Since there is some ambiguity here, we would recommend that you take written clarification from Star Health before moving forward.

Note, the moratorium clause in Health Insurance has an open-ended exclusion where the insurer is unable to prove fraud (willful act from your end) to get a policy issued or for claim etc.

Finally, we would recommend that you evaluate the coverage and compare the insurance plan, and insurance company well before you port a policy. If you need any insights (plan selection, insurer track record) from our end, you can simply have a quick call with one of our financial advisors and they can help with a detailed report with key insights.

Here's the link: Get Free Consultation from Top Verified Financial Advisors Online |

Let us know if you have any further questions.


Team Beshak

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If you are porting the policy then monitorium will not be carry forwarded.

IRDAI has given monitorium benefit only for policys renewed for 8 yrs in same company.

Monotorium means health insurance company will pay any kind of claim even if it's not disclosed while buying policy.

If your family doesn't have any issues and in new company if you are disclosing pre existing disease then you need not worry about monotorium.

New company will honour the claim

Hope you have advisor to help you with Health Insurance if not connect with me i will guide and support with best plan.


Vikram Aralikatty, CFP

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16 Jan, 2023
Manoj Kumar Pandey
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