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Most reliable health insurance

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16 Apr, 2023 by  Diptarka Roy

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a health insurance for myself (31) and my wife (29) with comprehensive cover. Being a corporate employee, I’m already eligible for free 5L base cover from my company, however this may get lowered in the future if I switch job. So I was planning to get an insurance with some deductible (preferably 1L) option like HDFC optima super secure.

Utmost reliability and peace of mind are my ultimate priorities. Is there any other insurance providers I should be looking for?

How is the review about HDFC, Niva Bupa and Care?

Health Insurance

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While HDFC being one of the options you'd consider keeping in mind that peace of mind matters, please be informed that in the end the insurer is evaluating you constantly on age & medical history. Good insurers even with high Incurred claim ratios will end up bumping your premium frequently owing to either medical inflation or simply due to the nature of the product like an HDFC OS - this may seem feasible now, but with age such sort of arrangement might not work well for few families esp in those where risk of chronic/ critical ailments is high.

The insurers you have mentioned are over a decade old & have something that benefits every family structure; however, the assessment of a plan is a much deeper discussion on understanding your limitations, preferences, product limitations, regulations & many more.

I would only request you to fix a time with an advisor to get on a free call & discuss this out for clarity sake so that you are fully aligned mentally when you choose a provider not just restricted to the 3 that you've mentioned.

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