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Multiple fractures long back.

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03 Jan, 2022 by  Anuj Agrawal

My dad had a major accident 36 yrs back with multiple fractures, his left knee was into some 30 odd pieces. But after a treatment of a year or two then, he is completely fine now with no regular medication for it.

With God's grace since then he didn't require any treatment till now.

Just his left leg is some 0.5cm short of right but he is completely on his feet's, doing comfortably.

Suggest few companies which consider these & issue a policy accordingly, he is 60 now.


1 Answer

09 Jan, 2022

Hi Anuj,

Hope you are doing well! It would be quite difficult for any one of us to comment on which insurance company would issue a policy for your father because every insurance company has its own set of underwriting guidelines and would look at your father's case differently. I would personally suggest you get in touch with one of our curated financial advisors from our community who are highly experienced in handling these types of cases. They would be able to help you find the right plan for your father. If you are willing to connect with a financial advisor, you may check out this page and select a financial advisor as per your preference and proceed with him/her -

Hope this helps.


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