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Need advise on my current cover

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25 Nov, 2021 by  Sunny P


Many thanks for this beautiful initiative.

My question is regarding our current cover.

My wife and I are covered under a floater plan of ₹4lacs with HDFC Ergo (Health Suraksha plan). (NCB accumulated till now ₹1.96lacs). Our age group is 41 & 40, and we don't plan to have kids. Along with the floater plan we have opted for a ₹16lacs super top up cover from the same insurer, making our total coverage to ₹20lacs.

Our policy is due for renewal next month,and can see the premium of the base plan has already shot up considerably.(Total Premium(Base+S top up) ₹12109+ ₹4413 = ₹16522)

We are thinking to further increase our cover by adding one more super top up of ₹ 50lacs by Tata AIG (Medicare plus) with ₹20lacs deductible.Reason for choosing this plan is because it offers an optional Global cover, which is activated only when the deductible limit is completely exhausted in the home country. It also offers 50% NCB for every claim free year upto a maximum of 100%. For our age group after opting for the Global cover the total premium is coming to ₹6403.

So for our total cover of ₹70lacs we are paying ₹16522+₹6403 ie ₹22925.

Along with this we have ICICI Prudential Cancer Care policy for ₹20lacs (opted for 100% Cancer option) with a fixed premium of ₹8023.

Please let us know your thoughts on the above choices.

Appreciate your time.

Thanks and best regards,


Health Insurance

1 Answer

29 Nov, 2021

Hello, Sunny!

Hope you are doing well and apologies for the delay in replying to this. Recently we have started a new service here at Beshak called Beshak Community Connect (BCC). With this service, we connect customers like you with our curated and experienced financial advisors from our community who help them with all their insurance requirements.

I believe one of our financial advisors would be able to help you in a much better way to make a decision with respect to your health insurance.

If you wish to connect, request you to kindly fill up this form at your earliest convenience and one of our community executives will get in touch with you -


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29 Nov, 2021
Sunny P
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