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Need health insurance

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23 May, 2021 by  Mohit Gupta

I want to buy good health insurance. Age 30 for me and my wife. Please suggest. Can afford premium

Health Insurance

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24 May, 2021
Self Employed - Digital Consultant


I would leave product recommendation to your insurance advisor. However, I can give you a few pointers for product selection.

Since price is not the first factor in your case, you should choose a product that meets the following criteria -

1) No room rent limit - This is the most important determinant of claims. All expenses in case of hospitalization are paid by your health insurance policy commensurate with your room rent eligibility. So choose a policy that puts no restriction on the type of room/price of room that you can stay in.

2) Co-payment - Select a product which puts no co-payment liability on you (the Insured).

3) Deductible - Preferably there should be no deductibles in your health insurance policy unless you are buying a top-up to complement your base health insurance (self funded or employer provided).

4) No disease wise cappings - You don't want to worry about expense cappings on specific treatments when you are in the hospital. So stay clear of products that come with disease wise cappings.

5) Waiting Periods - In case you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should select a health insurance with minimum waiting period for PEDs.

There are some additional benefits that you can look for during product selection viz Reinstatement of Sum Insured, free health check ups, no claim bonus/loyalty bonus, renewal discounts on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, etc.

Feel free to revert to us in case you want our specific inputs on any products that you shortlist with the help of your insurance advisor. Hope this helps.

Take Care,

Asad Akbar

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