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Need help to buying a health insurance for my mom.

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18 Jul, 2023 by  Fenix Lights

My mom age is 51. She is fully healthy. Now I am thinking I am buying a health insurance for my mom for future. Please suggest which policy is best for my mom. Thank you in advance.☺️

Health Insurance

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20 Jul, 2023

Hello Fenix,

It's amazing that you're thinking of buying However, there's no such thing as the "best" health insurance in the market. We have written a detailed article on this - you should definitely check it out. Here's the link for the same -

I would recommend you to go through our free 1-to-1 consultation service. With this service, you can speak to an advisor of your choice and get a comprehensive recommendation PDF report with brands, coverage, floater/individual, super top-up amongst many other recommendations. This report is 100% unbiased and entirely powered by Beshak Research.

Sharing the link below for your ready reference-

Hope this helps! Thank you! 😄

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