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Need suggestion on health insurance for my parents

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07 Jan, 2022 by  Jagadeesh Avvaru

Hi Everyone,

My father took voluntary retirement and now he no longer has access to any medical benefits. I would like to take health insurance for my father (Age: 53) and mother (Age: 47). My father doesn't have any health-related problems. My mother has thyroid and had knee replacement surgery in 2019 but she doesn't have any other health issues.

How much coverage is sufficient based on the health history of my parents?

Can someone suggest a good health insurance policy with the following options?

  1. No copay
  2. Covers all day-care procedures
  3. Covers covid related illness
  4. Sum assured rebound benefit
  5. No room rent limits or capping
  6. Coverage for ambulance and organ donor expenses
  7. Lifelong renewal
  8. Cashless hospitalization and access to most of the network hospitals
  9. Covers Pre/Post hospitalization expenses
  10. High claim settlement ratio

Let me know if I miss anything and worth considering.

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1 Answer

09 Jan, 2022

Hi Jagadeesh,

Hope you are well! First of all, I really appreciate your decision of taking a health insurance plan for your parents. Since your mother is a patient of Thyroid and she underwent a knee replacement surgery a few years back, I would suggest you should go for Individual policies for your parents.

How much coverage is sufficient based on the health history of my parents? - I would suggest you should go for a 10 Lakhs cover for your mother as well as your father.

As per the internal research we have done here at Beshak, HDFC Ergo's Optima Restore plan, ICICI Lombard's Complete Health Insurance plan, and Niva Bupa's ReAssure plan are the top-rated plans available in the market as of now in terms of Product Benefits, Claims Experience, and Customer Service Experience. These three products do not have any copay, no room rent limits, cover all core, and good to have benefits, etc.

Note: If you want personalized advice from our community advisors, powered by Beshak Research: You can set up an appointment with your choice of advisor here: You can share your requirements with the advisor, and then get a customized recommendation powered by Beshak Research. No charges.

Hope this helps.


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