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New Policy with Higher SA or Super Top Up Policy?

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07 Mar, 2021 by  Viresh Verma

My father already has a health insurance for 5L which is not enough according to me. Should he buy a new policy of say 20-25 L or get a super top up of 20-25L with 5L deductible? The premium seems lower for the super top up case but I do not understand what the catch is. Can someone help with this please?

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Health Insurance

1 Answer

08 Mar, 2021
Founder, Beshak

Hello Viresh,


A single policy with the entire cover is always better - it is easier to manage the policy as well as claims. However, like you rightly mentioned in the case of an upgrade, there is a compelling price advantage of buying Super Topup insurance.

As far as possible, we recommend you buy the super topup from the same insurer - this will ensure that despite two policies your claims will be from the same insurer and hence lesser hassles. We have written a detailed article for things you should look for when buying a Super Topup. Would recommend you read it: Here's the link: 6 Important tips to buy the best Super Top-up Health Insurance (


Hope this helps.




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