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Niva Bupa Claim settlement in recent times

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29 Oct, 2022 by  Aayush Singla

Hi Everyone, I am looking to buy insurance for my parents, and I stumbled upon the Niva Bupa Reassure plan. The plan looks too good to be true compared to other health policies and matches my needs. However, what concerns me is Niva Bupa as a company. From my talks with some people and joinditto people, I have formed an opinion that after a management change, Niva Bupa is trying to reject as many claims as possible to make maximum profit. According to joinditto, their analysis is based on the recent IRDAI report. Furthermore, I researched websites like and Twitter @Niva_Bupa handle. These two places have many negative reviews for Niva Bupa compared to other health insurers.

I am looking for an honest review of these claims from your side. Can anyone share their honest recent experience with Niva Bupa for claim settlement? How easy was the process? It will help if advisors can share the settlement stories of their customers (within the last 2 years).


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30 Oct, 2022
harivansh agrawal


I think no insurance company will reject your claim if the claim is valid if the claim is made if fulfils their conditions and if you have made all the necessary disclosure. For a successful claim, you need to keep one of the most important things you can keep in mind is to make all the necessary disclosure in the proposal form and see in internet you can see all the complaints about all the insurance companies and the courts are filled with cases of all the insurance companies no one is immune to that so I think you should not look into the internet for reviews

you should judge the products only on its feature by reading the proposal form if the products suites you and you made all the necessary disclosures no matter how small they are & you are set

and the thing with this claim settlement ratio and incurred claim ratio is they do not provide the complete picture like why the claim is rejected and if the claim is rejected is for a small amount or a big amount is for non-disclosure of facts or is the claim is a fraud

What matters most is

What is YOUR need and does the product MATCH those needs? Factors such as customer service & claim settlement keep shifting and therefore, are unreliable decision indicators over the medium to long term.

And for the stories from the same internet same site, you can check why Niva Bupa or any other insurer rejects/partially fulfilled the claim most of them fall into 3 categories

1) They claimed during the waiting period

2) Did not disclose the conditions

3) Did not understands the policy terms and conditions so get partial payment

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What matters in insurance is

1. Is your claim valid?

2. Did you make the right disclosures at the time of application for the company to approve the said claim?

If there two options are correct then no company ever intends to reject your claim as the business of insurance thrives on making claims not rejecting them.

. Poor customer service might be a separate issue but purposely rejecting claims is not logical.

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04 Jan, 2023
Mayur Agarwal
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26 Jan, 2024
Surman Musico

I would never recommend anybody to buy a Niva Bupa Policy. My experience has been bad. It was mis selling combined with wrong advice by RMs who misguided me just to earn commission which surfaced later at the time I had a claim. On rejection to add insult to injury, the compny forfeited the premium and took no action against the errant RMs.

Do not be fooled by marketing gimmicks and smooth talking RMs. They lied to me so that aI should take a big policy.

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