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Niva Bupa Reassure 2.0 vs HDFC Secure

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07 Mar, 2023 by  Nikhil


I am planning to take a family floater health insurance for myself (age 37) and my spouse (age 33). I am confused on which to company to go with. considering the features and options Niva bupa provides, it looks very good. But the name value which hdfc has make it more favourable.

Need guidance on the below

Which Insurance provider is better with respect to cashless claim settlement, reimbursement.

Is going for a base cover of 7-10 Lakhs along with a topup of 95lakhs advisable?

Can we add topup's later, I mean after two or three years?

Thanks in advance.


Health Insurance

2 Answer

09 Mar, 2023
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear Nikhil

Do not go by brand name , visit nearby hospital and check top companies under network then select . It all depends on your area of residence .

All companies have efficient cashless system , go for basic product . Do not fall for additional features .

Yes , you can buy Super Top plan anytime as per ypur convenience.

I recommend, go for Rs 5 lakh plus Rs 45 lakh as super Top up .

That is more than sufficient .

Create an emergency fund with SIP of savings .

This saving will be more useful to you in time of medical emergency.

Hope this suffice


Insurance Samadhan

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24 Jun, 2023
Barshan Ghosal

I came here now with the exact same doubt. Tussle between ReAssure 2.0 and Optima secure...I have called hospitals and many of them took the names of both to be decent. But the problem is, whenever I search internet, I have never ever seen a good review of Niva Bupa, everybody said its bad as they reject the claims. But I am aware that a few of their features are really useful like Lock the Clock, carry forward of the un-utilized SI etc.

On the other hand, HDFC is much more trusted and lesser complains. But also very expensive and will hike premiums on every renewal. Also their 2X cover from day 1 is not really the way it appears, as during the claim, the total claim will not be deducted form the entire 2X cover, rather it has a different sequence.

Overall, very confused!

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