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Niva Bupa ReAssure vs Manipal Cigna LifeTime Health!!

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30 Aug, 2022 by  Vishal Bansal

I am confused between these 2 plans:

My Details:

myself - 31 year old ( I have a nose allergy since last 3 years)

wife 31 year old. (Wife has Thyroid for 2 years + 2 missed pregnancies in past)

Niva Bupa ReAssure

Manipal Cigna LifeTime Health

I carefully read policy wording, brochures etc for both policies. Most of the things are same except room rent capping(No suites) and No Restoration for same illness in Lifetime Health.

But at the same time,

Lifetime health along with nonpayble item rider for 2 crore - 22000

ReAssure with Safegaurd rider for 1 crore - 35000.

Please tell me why should I go for Niva and not for Manipal.

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31 Aug, 2022
MBA | 5 years experience
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Hi Vishal,

It would be best speak with a advisor on Behak's panel and finalise a plan. You could also take recommendations from Behak on the most suitable plan for you by filling details for TruMatch Report.

The two plans are good there are certain finer conditions that i currently feel you have missed. For e.g. incase of Niva Bupa some Robotic Surgeries have a cap of ₹ 1Lac. Similarly Niva Bupa has waiting period for Pre Existing Disease as 3 yrs while the plan from Cigna has for 2 yrs

A good approach could be to have a base+super topup plan. This will decrease your premium outgo and give you large coverage.


Rohit Dhingra

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31 Aug, 2022
Vishal Bansal
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