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No progress on complaint made to the Insurance Ombudsman

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28 Mar, 2022 by  A P K

On 10-Feb-2022, I raised a complaint with the Insurance Ombudsman online at but there has been no progress whatsoever. I also called the Hyderabad's Office of the Insurance Ombudsman but they were unable to trace the complaint and asked me to share the policy no. and other details on email. I mailed them the details last week but there is no response from them. It is frustrating when the Office of the Ombudsman doesn't respond after a already long struggle with the insurer.

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1 Answer

30 Mar, 2022
CEO, Insurance Samadhan

Dear APK

There is laid out process of compliant registration with ombudsman . Ombudsmsn is very respectable system which must have helped millions.

Steps to be followed.

1. First complaint to insurance company and wait for 15 days .

2. Follow the escalation matrix of insurance compsny .

3. Once you have record of correspondence then you escalate case to ombudsman on mail or by visiting .

4. After doing initial investigation with insurance company , ombudsman send you two forms to be filled and resent to ombudsman.

5. Ombudsmsn call for hearing where you get 5 minutes to represent case . Thrre will be a company officer who will counter. Mostly ombudsman send avdecision within 30 days .

Hope this clarifies, they are quite professional and decide on case merits.

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